Tired of Missing Important DMs (direct messages)?

Left Unread can help!

Never Leave DMs Unread Again.

A free Chrome extension to show you only unread conversations at the top of your inbox on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter.

Left Unread - Never leave DMs unread again. | Product Hunt

With Left Unread, you'll no longer have to worry about missing out on important messages or opportunities.

You'll be able to easily find unread conversations and stay on top of your inbox.

Try Left Unread today and take control of your inbox.

Get Your Inbox Under Control

If you're managing DMs daily as part of your routine, you know how overwhelming inbound messages can be.

Whether you engage with prospects or subscribers that enjoy freebies, with Left Unread, in just one click, you can bring all your unread conversations to the top of your inbox.

It's the perfect time-saving tool for entrepreneurs, founders, creators or sales representatives who rely on DM conversations.

Say goodbye to inbound overwhelm and hello to a peaceful inbox.

Works on Facebook, Messenger & Twitter.

Find unread messages

Stop wasting time searching for unread conversations and focus on what matters.

Streamline your inbox

Streamlining saves you time and increases your productivity.

Prioritize the right messages

Left Unread filters your inbox to prioritize unread messages automatically.

Focus on what matters

Don't let an unorganized inbox affect your productivity.

Bring All Unread Conversations To The Top Of Your Inbox.

As busy individuals we receive numerous inbound messages, making it difficult to stay organized and catch up on important conversations.

Left Unread makes it easy to focus on what's important by filtering your inbox to display only unread conversations.

Our free Chrome extension is perfect for anyone who wants ends inbox overwhelm and stop wasting time searching for important messages.

Why You Need Left Unread:

Focus and Streamline Your Inbox

Challenges arise when trying to manage an endless stream of messages on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter, especially with important conversations getting buried among unread engagements.

The average user spends 28% of their workweek in their inbox.

Left Unread provides a simple & straightforward solution to eliminating irrelevant messages and manage unread direct messages (DMs) with ease.

By filtering out read conversations and displaying only unread ones, it helps you quickly and easily catch up on important conversations.

Filtering done for you

You no longer have to sift through countless messages to find the ones that require your attention, Left Unread does the filtering for you!

In one click, Left Unread scans your inbox and brings all your unread conversations to the top of your inbox.

You can then easily catch up on these conversations without being distracted by messages you've already read.

Stay on top of your DMs, and dedicate your time and effort to the conversations that matter to your business.

Easy-to-use, straightforward,
and simple

Left Unread's easy-to-use interface is straightforward and user-friendly. No customization, no complicated algorithms. Just a simple idea with an incredible use.

Many businesses rely on DM communication, including sales representatives, social media managers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, for instance.

If you fear missing out on important opportunities and want to stay organized and on top of your inbox, Left Unread is the solution you need.

Left Unread takes the hassle out of managing DMs and helps you stay organized, streamline your inbox, and focus on the conversations that matter.

Trusted by busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators
who want to stop inbound overwhelm.

"Left Unread has been a game-changer for me. No longer am I wasting time searching through old messages. Now, I can quickly catch up on important conversations and stay productive." 

Maria S.

"I no longer miss out on crucial conversations due to my inbox being cluttered. Left Unread ensures that all of my messages that need to be addressed are at the top of the inbox."

Johnson T.

Transform the way you manage your inbox and stay on top of your DMs.

It's free and easy to use, so there's no reason not to give it a try.

Works on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter.

Left Unread - Never leave DMs unread again. | Product Hunt